About Us

Cromaplast S.p.A., a place where passion for innovation merges with a solid legacy of industrial excellence. Founded on the guiding principles of quality, sustainability and commitment, our company has grown over the years to become a benchmark in the automotive sector.

Our history is woven with successes, but what drives us is the constant desire to exceed expectations. We are a team of professionals, dedicated to our job and ready to shape the future through creativity, precision, and evolution.


Cromaplast S.p.A. has deep roots that extend into the fabric of continuous research and resilience. Our story begins with a bold vision to create cutting-edge plastic solutions, an idea that took shape with the company’s founding in 1967. Since then, we have embarked on a path of steady growth, facing challenges with determination and embracing opportunities with audacity.


We have always been pioneers in introducing innovative production processes, earning a reputation for the quality of our products. Over the years, we have expanded our range of services, investing in advanced technologies and forming a team of experts who share our passion for excellence.


Today, we look to the future with gratitude for our past and a renewed commitment to sustainable innovation.. Our story is a testament to our constant adaptation to the changing dynamics in the market, guided by the goal of consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. Each chapter of our story is intertwined with successes, challenges overcome, and, above all, the dedication of a team that has made Cromaplast S.p.A. synonymous with quality and reliability in the industrial landscape.

Mission & Vision


Our MISSION is clear: to lead the change towards a more sustainable production of plastic materials.


Our VISION is to be recognized as innovative leaders, committed to creating cutting-edge thermoplastic solutions that address environmental challenges and meet the needs of our customers.


The PHILOSOPHY guiding every decision we make is based on quality, ethics, and social responsibility.. We believe that our success is closely linked to customer satisfaction and the creation of long-term value.

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